Georgetown is about 300 km from the capital city Banjul. Is possible to go there on the south or north bank of the Gambia river. If we choose the north alternative we must cross the river by ferries on the way. There are a few wetlands up river we will stop at. These are Kaur Wetland, Panchang, Njaw Waterhole and Wassu where the famous man made stone circles is. Bird highlights are Egyptian Plovers Collared Pratincoles , Little  Green Bee Eaters, Red Throated Bee Eaters, Bustards and many more. We cross the river with a ferry before we reach Georgetown for overnights.

The following morning, there will be a three hour boat trip from the camp in Baobolong where we have a chance to see the Hippos and Chimps and birds such as Shinning Blue Kingfisher, European Turtle Dove, Fish Eagle, African Fin foot, Glossy Ibis and many more. In the afternoon we travel to Kunkilling Forest for Adamawa Turtle Dove, Green Winged Pytilias, Pallid Harriers etc. Then we go to Bansang Quarry for colony of Red Throated Bee Eaters, Brown Rumped Bunting, Cinnamon Breasted Bunting and many more. In the evening we return to Georgetown and Baobolong camp.

Hippo from Krugerpark. Foto: Ing-Marie Artursson

Hippo from Kr├╝gerpark.

Foto: Jan Artursson

Egytian Plover. Foto: Thomas Ring