It´s great to begin your holiday birding in Kotu creek. Kotu is in short walking distance from the surrounding hotels. It is very accessible, and famous for its bird diversity. The area consists of mix habitats scrubs, paddy field with mangroves vegetation close to a Golf Course. Behind the birdcenter is a nice photo hide. Bird watching from the Kotu bridge provides an overview. And don´t miss close-up photo opportunity when kites and vultures are fed nearby. Tell me if you want close-ups of birds living in the mangrove, you can easily reach them with a boat.

Bird highlights;  Giant Kingfisher, Oriole Warbler, Yellow Fronted Tinkerbird, Black Winged Stilt and African Silverbill and many, many more.

Giant Kingfisher. Foto: Jan Artursson

Giant Kingfisher. Photo: Jan Artursson

Kotu Creek. Foto: Ing-Marie Artursson

Kotu Creek. Photo: Ing-Marie Artursson

Yellow fronted Tinkerbird. Foto: Jan Artursson

Yellow Fronted Tinkerbird. Photo: Jan Artursson

White-crowned Robin Chat:

Photo: Ing-Marie Artursson

Klaas´s Cuckoo. Photo: Ton Bos